Engels – English

Sitting together in silence and meditating
is an act of peace for peace,
a confirmation of common connection
with everything and everybody.

Everybody keeps his individuality and background
and sits together sharing this wish of peace and understanding,
so inherent to each religion and
each religious and humanistic movement.

Some of us experience this silent meditation
by repeating inwardly a mantra, a word of prayer,
a Holy Name or a prayer they are familiar with.

Others remain in silence by thoughts of peace
and common connection with everybody and everything.
Sitting together in meditation
leads us to a deep silence-experience.

Only our silent presence here
is a sign towards the other,
an expression of our belief that all of us canlive
in peace as true sisters and brothers.

Being here in silent-presence
shows the others that this is indeed your wish and desire.
They will understand.
This is a “speaking-silence”.

Participating in this silent dialogue of the heart
leads us towards this true meeting with eachother.

In this unlimited space of the heart
– we all have the free disposal of –
all differences disappear that separate us from
our “true self” and the “true self of others”.
We find ourself present in the other.

Controversies are already non-existing,
peace has already been settled
because what we realize in ourselves
will be realized in the entire world.

Interreligious Silent Meditation in Antwerp